27 June 2008

Things Not Replicating Correctly? Part 2

My last post on June 10 was about when MySQL received queries from php scripts that looked like this:
mysql_select_db = ('database_I_DO_want_to_replicate', $link);
$sql = "INSERT INTO db_I_DO_NOT_want_to_replicate.repl_table (a,b,c) VALUES (1,2,3);";

-- and thus could not pass this over to the slave unless I set Replicate_Wild_Ignore_Table value IN ADDITION to Replicate_Ignore_DB as such in my configuration file:
replicate_ignore_DB = db_I_DO_NOT_want_to_replicate
replicate_wild_ignore_table = db_I_DO_NOT_want_to_replicate.%

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Three things:
  1. As it happens, we do not need use replicate_ignore_DB for this to work properly;
  2. Replicate_do_DB and Replicate_ignore_DB do not need to be used at all;
  3. In fact, Replicate_do_DB is somewhat evil.

Firstly, replicate_wild_ignore_table is all you need to ignore databases, and it will properly replicate all kinds of php riff-raff, where the scripts do not necessarily select the proper database and they are always written in db.table style.

Secondly, replicate_wild_do_table is all you need to include databases, and it will properly replicate all kinds of php fudgerama, blah blah blah.

Thirdly, if you use replicate_do_DB in addition to replicate_wild_do_table to try to cover your bases, it will indeed NOT cover your bases. We have strict replication here, and it WILL break if the php code does this:
mysql_select_db = ('database_I_DO_NOT_want_to_replicate,$link);
$sql = "INSERT INTO database_I_DO_want_to_replicate.repl_table (a,b,c) VALUES (1,2,3);";

So, my advise, once again is:

DO NOT USE replicate_ignore_db and replicate_do_db!

Instead, use replicate_wild_ignore_db and replicate_wild_do_db.

Have fun! Try it out and see for yourself how this can work for and against you! (as well as MySQL loading my.cnf twice, causing your list of tables to appear twice -- proposed to be fixed for MySQL 5.1).

Until next time,

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