22 April 2008

MySQL Conference: The Week After

Wow... I had a great time at the annual MySQL Users Conference in Santa Clara.

  • Received my CMDBA designation. Woohoo!
  • Sun announced the possibility of an open source mobile phone;
  • All day mysql proxy tutorial with Jan Kneschke and Giuseppe Maxia;
  • Amazon's Power of Infrastructure as a Service - great premise; glitches remain;
  • Great food and a nifty side trip to Santa Cruz;
  • MySQL Workbench - nifty tool for database development;
  • Use multiple sockets to run queries in parallel to speed up web pages (from Digg.com);
  • Best Keynote: Who is the Dick on My Site? by Dick Hardt
  • A chant that Marty Widenus required us to repeat regarding MySQL's development future: "We don't want crippleware";
  • Discovered how Fickr scaled heavy concurrent writes in real time;
  • Intriguing discussion panel on database warehousing: Sun/MySQL, Kickfire, Infobright, NitroSecurity, and a data warehouse contractor;
  • Chocolate covered strawberries and ice cream goodies at the exhibit hall.
I hope to be more of a responsible blogger and share some very insightful ideas to those of you who were not able to make it to the conference.

Until next time,

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