30 October 2007

mySql Utility to Set Up a Slave Server, Unattended

This utility written by Kevin Burton is worth checking into - even though it is a first version and needs to be modded for your purposes (in my case I had to alter the local mysql connection string). However, in any case, this is going to be needed by us DBAs in the future, as we manage and build more and more slave servers.

This is what the script does, in Kevin's words:

This is a script to perform unattended cloning of MySQL slave servers (or masters) to put a new slave online with minimal interaction.

It connects to the source node, performs a mysqldump or mysqlhotcopy, transfers the data, restores the data, and then sets up all replication parameters, on the target machine.

It then starts the slave which then begins to catch up to the master

For DBAs that spend hours setting up slave servers, save yourself some time and check this script out!

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